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GPS Vacation Programs prides itself on providing the highest quality soccer programs available during vacation programs.


Our highly qualified coaches will provide everything your child will need to have a great time in a safe environment.


However there are a few things that your child will need to bring when they attend one of our programs:


Participants should bring the following with them:

  • Soccer ball
  • T-shirt/shorts or long pants/sweats/socks (i.e. appropriate clothing)
  • Wet-weather outerwear
  • All children should have a snack and plenty of water for the 1st break
  • If attending Full Day, your child will require lunch
  • Correct footwear, cleats are preferred for outdoor, sneakers for indoor camps.
  • Shinguards
  • Sunscreen
  • A Hat
  • Please put your child's name and phone number on all personal belongings!
  • Please refrain from sending your child with any electronic items unless absolutely necessary

These items should be all your child needs to have a great time but if you are looking for more information please scan through our FAQs.

How can I register my child for your programs?
All registrations are done via GotSoccer, our registration tool. You can register by clicking on any of the registration links located by each program. If you are struggling with registration please do not hesitate to call us at 321-251-4920.

When is the last time I can register?
Online registration is open through the Sunday night before the camp starts. However, in order for us to best prepare for the week, it is best for you to register by Thursday of the prior week. We also accept walk-on's, see below.

Can I just register my child on the first day of a program?
We do accept walk-on registrations however we prefer to have all registrations before the start of the program. We do realize that these situations do come up and we try our best to make it work but there may be times when we are not in a position to accept any more registrations.

I registered, but didn’t receive any sort of confirmation. What do I do now?
We send our communications via GotSoccer so please ensure your e-mail address is correct on your child's account. If you would like to confirm or edit your registration please give us a call at 321-251-4920 or email and we will help you check your registration status.

Who coaches GPS Vacation Programs?
All GPS VP are coached by our internationally qualified coaches from all over the USA as well as foreign educated coaches from Britain, Ireland, Europe and South America. Every coach has been through a rigorous screening process to make sure every coach is suitable to deliver our high quality curriculum.

Can I stay and watch?
We welcome anyone that wants to stick around to watch or you can just drop them off and pick them up at the end of the camp/clinic.

Do you provide child care before or after the program?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide services outside of the advertised times.

What if my child needs to go to the bathroom?
Every location will have at least 1 bathroom facility. Our coaches are trained to ensure children are given sufficient bathroom breaks.

Is it safe to leave my child with these coaches?
Absolutely, all of our coaches are both CORI and SORI checked within the United States and have been background checked in their home country.

What happens if there is bad weather?
Each of our program facilities have adequate shelter in case of heavy rain and/or lightning. Our experienced program directors will keep the program running if it is only light rain, however, they will direct the players to the shelter if it is heavy rain. We use the GPS lightening policy, which is, to suspend play, seek shelter and only resume 30 minutes after the last strike. Please review our About Us page for more information.

Will you cancel the program and if so how will you notify us?
We will only cancel a program should the forecast suggest play will be unsafe. In the event this is the case you will be given notice by e-mail from GPS Camps Department directly. We will do our best to give at least 12-hour advance notice. If you don't receive a message, then the session is ON! 

If play is cancelled for a day?
If the activity is cancelled there is no REFUND, but we will offer a CREDIT for the amount of money paid for that day. The credit doesn't have any expiration date and can be used for any of our camps.

What happens if my child gets injured?
GPS VP puts the safety of our participants above anything else so we ensure that at every location we work at there will be at least one 1st Aid qualified coach. Depending on the injury we will treat the injury there and inform the child’s parent when they are collected. If it is a serious injury then the parent will be informed straight away, and then with their permission, the emergency services will be called. The injury will be treated on site until the EMC’s arrive.

What if my child cannot make it through illness?
We understand that children get sick and are not always able to make it. As a result if your child is ill we will credit your Got Soccer account for any days missed. If your child cannot make any of the program due to illness then please review our No Refund policy.

Do I need to bring a lunch or snack?
If you are attending a full-day program, you will need to bring your own lunch and snacks. If you are attending a half-day program we will provide time for snacks, but your child will need to bring their own.

We strongly recommend you notify us of any food allergies when registering, we also advocate reminding players not to share food on camp.

Do you provide water?
Each child is responsible for bringing their own water, however, our coaches will also provide a limited amount for the group.

Is there shade?
Yes. We provide a shaded canopy if there is not any natural shade at the field.

Can the coaches give my child medicine?
GPS VP Location Directors are 1st Aid trained so in the event a child requires medicine the parent will be contacted before any aid is administered.

How are the players grouped?
Typically we group players based on age groups and where possible we will have a group per age range. However generally a day program will have a U8, U9, U10, U12 and U14 groups. All groups will be co-ed, unless registration numbers allows for single gender groups. However GPS CANNOT guarantee that any every child will be with players of the same age.

After the first day of the program, if we see a child playing above their assigned age group, we will look to move them up a group. However our expert coaches will ensure that every single player is challenged no matter what group they are placed in.

How many players per coach?
In terms of group size, we here at GPS aim to have an average of 10 player to coach ratio. This ratio allows a greater coach/player interaction. time which encourages the players to flourish.

Can my child be in the same group as their friend?
Assuming they are in the same age group, we can almost always make those accommodations.