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Q: What do I have to bring to tryouts?

A: Please make sure to wear a white shirt, blacks shorts and black socks, cleats and shin guards. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.


Q: What if my child will be out of town during tryouts?

A: Please email us at with that information. There are no guarantees that a spot will be available but we usually grant the player an opportunity to tryout either at an earlier date or upon his/her return.


Q: What if my child wants to play up an age group?

A: Please email us at with that information prior to tryouts. We will grant or decline that request after due consideration.

General rule of thumb here is: there will be no playing up except in exceptional circumstances, such as (but not limited to): there is no team in the players birth year age group or the coaching staff determine that playing up is critical to the player's development.


Q: How do I know whether my child made the team or not?

A: GPS staff and coaches will email out the results of each nights tryouts to every player within 24 hours of each tryout. Should you not receive an email within this time-frame, firstly please check that your primary email address on your child's GotSoccer account is correct (as this is what we will be sending the email to). If it is, please then check your junk mail. If the email address is correct, it is not in your junk mail and it has been 24 hours since the tryout, please contact Please email us at .


Q: How many players will you pick for my child’s team?

A: That will depend on your child’s age group. Generally speaking, teams that play 7v7 (U9 & U10) will have a roster size of 11 to 12, 9v9 teams (U11 & U12) will have 14 to 15, 11v11 teams age U13 - U15 will have 18 to 20, with U16 - U19 teams having 18 - 24. The reason for larger squads at older ages is that (a) there are more frequent injuries, especially after the high school season as well as (b) more academic and off-field commitments.


Q: When will the season start ?

A: Traditionally the 2020/21 season practice start around August 1st, however this date may be pushed earlier or back depending on how the current pandemic crisis is resolved.


Q: Where will my child’s team practice?

A: Our home facility is Trotter's Park, with the majority of our teams practicing here. However, we do also have supplementary sites we have used from time to time, such as XL Soccerworld and other Winter Park, Maitland and College Park area fields. We will let each team know there planned schedule early in the summer, after tryouts are complete and teams have been formed.


Q: When will my child’s team practice?

A: Each family/player will receive that information individually based on the team they are trying/selected for. Boys teams will usually practice on Tuesday and Thursdays, with girls teams practices on Mondays and Wednesdays.

As for the practice times, while this is not guaranteed or set in stone, the general rule of thumb is: players born 2009 or younger may practice at 5pm - 6pm, or in the next slot along with 2008s through 2005s who will practice at 6pm – 7.30 pm, with 2004s and older 7.30 pm to 9 pm.


Q: What league and tournaments will my child’s team compete in?

A: Please click this link here to view our 2020/2021 program details.


Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes, we have a number of options available within the online registration system, but if none of these suit you, please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred plan.


Q: Is financial aid available?

A: Yes, we do have a limited fund for financial aid available. This will be distributed on an evidence based need basis. Please contact us at for more information on this process.


Q: I received financial aid last year, do I need to reapply?

A: Yes. Those who have qualified previously will need to submit a new application.